Let me reassure you at the very onset that the future of your child will be in the hands of a team that has inculcated the philosophy of the DPS society, which has over sixty years of innovation in education to back it.

Needless to say, our children are in the future. They are sent to school to be civilized. What they learn in the school will come up over again as long as they live. It is therefore our duty as parents and teachers together to make sure that our future leaders go through life equipped with all the skill that is mandatory to face the world that they will be a responsible part of, not as mere spectators, but as decision-makers; nay, leaders. Therefore, we need to make our students independent thinkers.


In today's fast moving world, it is not enough to be equipped with what we can teach your children in the classroom. 'Beyond the classroom' is where we aim to take your child. Be it through culture, sports or through service to the less-privileged. When we talk of an all-rounder, isn't that what comes to our mind? Let us all work together to ensure a confident and successful future for our children.


Delhi Public School Bharuch is run by same management i.e. The Sanskriti Group which runs Delhi Public School, Vadodara and Harni, which has earned the distinction of being Vadodara's No. 1 Schools within 11 years of their existence.


I wish them the very best in their venture.


Shri V.K. Shunglu