Designed by a leading architect firm of India, DPS Bharuch is set to have an integrated block of interconnected activity centres like administration, classrooms, laboratories, library and various activity-based hubs.



Ergonomically designed furniture and well-lit, airy classrooms facilitate the teaching-learning pursuits. Comfortable state of the art classroom furniture to provide adequate ease to sustain the interest of the students during the complete span of the teaching learning process is a distinguished feature of the classrooms at DPS Bharuch.


The Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Prep classes specially have classrooms that are made child friendly by painting colourful motifs and characters on the glass windows which give them a winsome view.


The classrooms and the sophisticated infrastructure facilitate methodical and conceptual delivery and intake of lessons. Natural light and easy access to the playground, swimming pool, Science Laboratories, Mathematics Laboratory, etc. are some of the other features.


Great efforts have been put in by the staff in selecting an appropriate theme to make children enjoy every moment of their presence in school.



To enhance the learning ability and skill the school has an independent laboratory system for Science, Mathematics and Social Science. Practical conducted there augment the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom. The laboratories are up-to-date, well equipped with Audio-Visual teaching aids, learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments. A Computer lab with sophisticated computers and a vast repository of data is available to students for IT education.



Audio-Visual room with a wall mounted TV, DVD, and LCD projector form a distinct feature of the infrastructure at DPS Bharuch. The AV library comprises rich educational and entertainment CDs to augment the learning ability of the children and sustain their interest in learning.



To hone the artistic capabilities of students, DPS Bharuch has a dedicated Art & Craft centre with a Puppet Museum for Pre-Primary students.

There are also Work Experience Rooms that include a Music room, a Dance room, an Art and Craft room and a PE room.



There is no better way to gain knowledge and wisdom than reading a book. The school has a well stocked library with books including Encyclopedias, Fiction, Reference Books etc. These books are carefully selected by teachers keeping the age group of children in mind. Also it has a large number of magazines and journals. Library is managed by a school management system under which issue and receipt of books is computerized and this system also helps the librarian and teachers to keep a track of the books read by any child in the school. The library is fully equipped with sufficient number of book racks and adequate seating arrangement for students.



The school buses are equipped with Closed Circuit Camera and GPS facility. Technological advancement has become a great necessity and to stay at par, school's Mobile App provides a platform for Parents to keep them abreast with the day-to-day development of their child. 



"Healthy mind resides in a healthy body".


DPS Bharuch has an Infirmary with a qualified nurse, who takes care of the first aid, medical needs of the children and a pediatrician who visits the school for students' health check ups. In cases of emergency the school has an ambulance that takes care of an exigency. Regular medical check-ups are carried out for students and a record is maintained for the same. Students will soon have an access to a hygienically maintained cafeteria where they can buy healthy snacks and food.



A high capacity Reverse Osmosis plant supplies germ free drinking water. The plant also provides the best quality soft water to the swimming pools.



Last but not the least, good security is yet another important feature of a school. Trained security guards from a leading Security and detcative agency services from Vadodara help in maintaining round the clock security of the school.